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johnwendell's Journal

1 January 1900
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John Wendell was orphaned when his parents, both working for Starfleet Intelligence, were killed during a classified mission. The infant John was raised by adoptive parents, who encouraged his love of flight that eventually took him to the Academy. There he befriended Colleen O'Donnell, Richard Young, and Vereil Kate, and graduated 5th in his class. He was originally stationed aboard the USS Yorktown as their navigational officer. He was transferred to Empok Nor to be a runabout pilot and secondary pilot for the Hades when his captain realized how much the FCC needed experienced pilots to assist in the relief effort.

He achieved a high degree from Starfleet in Engineering, but concentrated mainly on piloting as a career choice. He was awarded the Ares Nova medal for valor when he was able to stop the Yorktown's warp core from imploding because he remembered the exact matrix code for a manual shut down when the rest of the crew was incapacitated: See Starfleet Incident Yorktown-301A, Trilana VII.

After a month on the station, John grew extremely close to Colleen's son, Keith. When Keith, then four, became desperately ill after Section 31 implanted a chip in his brain, John sat by his and Colleen's side in the Infirmary and basically assumed the role of Keith's father. With John's unwavering dedication and support in mind, Colleen decided to ask him to be Keith's official father, and John agreed wholeheartedly. They set the paperwork in motion and John officially adopted Keith.

When Colleen departed suddenly for a covert mission, John was left alone with Keith. He knew nothing of the covert mission until Captain Tashanas told him, right before the rescue mission. He was one of the first ones in the room where Colleen had been tortured, and he stayed by her side from that moment forward, throughout her recovery.

He developed an intense hatred for Captain Tashanas that deteriorated from an enraged state to a bubbling but controlled anger, under the surface. This anger finally exploded when he and Captain Tashanas were trapped under the rubble of a collapsed part of the station, during a storm. The Captain was severely injured, and was delirious. When she revealed to John that Colleen was considering going into Intelligence work, he lost it. It was also during this time that he realized the Captain was not a sociopathic monster who thought of his best friend as a pawn, but rather a mentor and caring woman who had made some incredibly hard choices in her time. And a new, slightly awkward friendship was born, which developed into a surrogate-mother-son relationship.

After Colleen's second abrupt departure, this time unsanctioned, she entered a period of career soul-searching and eventually decided that she lacked the patience for Intelligence work, but had the personality aspects required for security. When she was recruited for security/tactical training at Starfleet Command, John entered in a request to move to Mars with Keith to train for an official Engineering License, which would enable him to be the chief engineer on a starship. They departed, and for three years, were stationed on Mars and Earth respectively.

John received a request to join Captain Tashanas' new command, an exploration/defense mission on the USS Gadsden. Because it was the chief engineer post he wanted, and because Colleen was alright with serving under Tashanas again, they decided to move aboard the Gadsden. The family is currently stationed on this starship.

John enjoys rock music from the 20th and 21st centuries, steaks, and old Terran and Bajoran science fiction. John also has a love of climbing, flying, any extreme sport, historical holosuite programs, and engineering.

He escapes to his holosuite program called Wesconnaug, a quiet, hilly and tree-filled program featuring a barn, some animals, and a wood shop. It never rains in Wesconnaug, but if you take a horse over the northern hills, there's a beach. Keith has joined John on many a Wesconnaug father-son retreat.

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